Did somebody say “surf’s up”? Why yes, I think they did! Even though, if we’re nit-picking, the surf is always up somewhere in the world, this time of the year opens up some awesome opportunities to chase the waves around the southern European coastlines – and, for those in the know, you’ve might have guessed I’m talking in particular about Portugal.

Renowned for some of the best waves in Europe, Portugal’s geography means that virtually its entire coastline has become a surfing mecca for both amateurs and seasoned pros. Everyone has their favourite place, but the beaches around Sagres, in the western Algarve region, are arguably amongst the best in the country. (And it’s a pretty hectic party town too, by the way!)

If you want to challenge the best swell the Atlantic can throw at you, here’s just a taster of some of the best surfing beaches around Sagres.