Baleeira Beach – “Praia da Baleeira”

Baleeira Beach - the small beach next to the fishing harbour in SagresBaleeira Beach – “Praia da Baleeira” – is a small beach next to Porto da Baleeira, the working fishing harbour in Sagres (it is at the left end of the Port’s car park). Praia da Baleeira is a lovely sandy beach, with some rocks speckled across the sand. The beach overlooks Sagres bay and the fishing harbour so you can sit and watch the boats go by as you enjoy a day on the beach.

There is one restaurant behind the beach and plenty of restaurants & bars behind the port. There is plenty of parking around Porto da Baleeira; although you can drive right up to the entrances, disabled access may be a bit difficult. The entrances to the beach are quite narrow, as you can either walk behind the boats at the end of the wall, or down through the rocks at the other end of the wall. This is not a supervised beach.



Beliche Beach – “Praia do Beliche”

Stunning views over Beliche Beach - "Praia de Beliche"Praia do Beliche is a magnificent bay of soft golden sand, with huge towering cliffs behind and lies between Sagres point and Cape St Vincent. Praia do Beliche, is unspoilt and calming, even when the wild winds get up.

As many visitors to the Algarve do not yet seem to have discovered Sagres, Praia do Beliche, is a fantastic place to retreat to, to relax and to appreciate real Algarve beauty.You wont find any amenities on Praia de Beliche; perhaps this is the reason why visitors stay away and those who like the untouched character return time again.

You may therefore want to pack a picnic to take with you or go for lunch at one of restaurants on the road above the beach or in the town. Disabled access is not really possible unfortunately, as the only way to get on to the beach is down a long set of steps down from the car park.

Huge towering cliffs behind Praia de BelicheOut of season, Praia do Beliche will be almost deserted. Only a few keen surfers and occasional explorers will visit Beliche in the Autumn-Winter months and although it may be a bit chilly at times, it really is an inspiring time to go. You can enjoy a walk along the beach and then perhaps visit the huge converted fortress that resides nearby. It was built by Henry the Navigator, who was the Governor of the Algarve and famous for his school of navigation in Sagres. Henry built the Fortaleza back in the 15th century, but what remains today is actually an 18th century restoration following its destruction by the 1755 earthquake. The fortress is a fascinating structure to go and look at, particularly out of season when it is not so crowded.

You may also want to go a bit further along the road from Praia do Beliche to see the 19th century lighthouse and ruins of a 16th century monastery. Cabo de São Vincente is just 4 kilometres away and offers breathtaking views from the point. In summer Cabo de São Vincente is buzzing, as people flock to see the lighthouse and the ruins. There is usually a snack vendor there if you need refreshments and there are also markets on at certain times of the year.

Praia do Beliche is supervised during the beach season.


Mareta Beach – “Praia da Mareta”

Mareta Beach - "Praia da Mareta"Mareta Beach – “Praia da Mareta” – is the closest beach to the town and therefore tends to be busier than the other beaches in Sagres. It boasts a lovely sandy bay with stones at the back, it is sheltered from the westerly winds by Ponta de Sagres and the cliffs are beautifully coloured in reds, greens and greys. Protection from the westerly winds means that it is great for anyone who likes to sunbathe.

There are three restaurants on the beach if you want to have lunch or a snack at some point while you are at Praia da Mareta. There is parking at the top of the entrance to the beach and down at the bottom of the road.

One of the restaurants has some parking for it’s customers by the beach.

Praia da Mareta is not classed as an accessible beach. Although there are paths to near the beach they finish with some rough steps down to the sand and there aren’t any walkways on the beach itself. It is supervised during the beach season.


Martinhal Beach – “Praia da Martinhal”

Martinhal Beach - "Praia da Martinhal"Martinhal Beach or “Praia da Martinhal” is a long sweep of golden sands, just along the coast from Baleeira fishing harbour. It is sign-posted from the main road and can be found at the end of a windy cobbled road, past a new estate of villas. Praia da Martinhal has a marshy lagoon at the back and an island out to sea, with views of the fishing harbour and a little lighthouse, Praia da Martinhal is a beautiful beach to spend time on.

Praia da Martinhal is a firm favourite amongst windsurfers, surfers and body boarders. It has its own windsurfing club if you fancy giving it a go while you are there. The club also does snorkelling and kayaking.

There are two restaurants on the beach or there are plenty of restaurants and bars in the town. There is a large car park behind the beach, the car park is flat and runs straight on to the sand making it easier for disabled access, although it is not classed as an accessible beach. It is supervised during the beach season.


Tonel Beach – “Praia do Tonel”

Tonel Beach – “Praia do Tonel” – nestles under the cliffs of Ponta de Sagres with views across the bay to Cabo de São Vicente. It’s a lovely sandy bay and quite sheltered (depending on the wind direction!). It’s popular with surfers as well as those just wanting to relax in the sun. To reach it, head towards Sagres fortaleza and the turning is signposted just as you reach the large car parking area for the fort on the headland. Th

ere is some parking on the way down to the beach and the beach is supervised during the season. There is also a restaurant and toilets.

The waters along this coast can be subject to strong currents, particularly around the rocks depending on tide and weather conditions so it is always wise to check the flags before entering the water.